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Massage at Bristol Community Acupuncture

Although we do not offer massage treatments on their own (due to the nature of our clinic and the amount of one-on-one time taken during a massage) will apply some massage at the end of a treatment if necessary. This will ususally be applied when treating muscular-skeletal problems, and will last around 5-10 minutes. We find that massage at the end of a treatment, even for a relatively short time, can really improve treatment efficacy and patient outcomes.

'Tui Na' - Chinese Medical Massage

Massage is one of the oldest known medical treatment modalities. It uses the physical manipulation of muscles and joints to improve health.

At Bristol Community Acupuncture we are trained in the form of massage known as Tui Na. In Chinese 'tui' means "to push," and na means "to lift and squeeze". Tui na techniques range from the gentle and subtle to the deep and strong. Combined with acupuncture it can really help recovery from injuries, pain conditions, muscular tightness and strains etc.